Saturday, March 2, 2013


Always liked these:

And now they are even better 
because I actually see this:

North & South, episode 3, my edit.

If you can drag your eyes away from the main attraction of the picture
(very difficult, I know),
 you'll notice there in the lower left a pair of silhouettes(there are actually five on that wall but most of the brief scene only features these two. Bit of romanticism to the scenery as he asserts that the he does not know or care what people are saying about Margaret...liar). 

And naturally I envision more of this:

North & South, episode 2, my edit.

So with a profile as striking as that, I now constantly associate 
Richard Armitage with all portrait silhouettes because
he would be perfect for one
and I want one of him. 
Argghhh.....that nose. Made for it.

Also I am not opposed to the idea of merging our two silhouettes and seeing how that turns out.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dismantle. Repair.

In the past few months I have made a discovery.  My interest in Richard Armitage is always there but it spikes dramatically when I am severely depressed. It comes about in two different ways.  I start to feel I have too much in my life to cope with and then proceed to shut down and shut out everything. Months afterwards I have catapulted myself to the other extreme and realize I have systematically deconstructed my whole life and am occupying an existence devoid of anything besides me and my bed. Both extremes prompt me to focus on something else, completely outside of my life, enter the Armitage. Every time I close myself off from my life, I reacquaint myself with all things Armitage.  I'm a fan of him always but when I'm that far down it becomes a compulsion, its all I will focus on.  I have yet to conclude whether its helping or hindering me in those times. The helpful side is that I focus on something that makes me happy, a exploding kind of happiness, sometimes when I watch him in a favorite role, or read a great fanfic, I feel like I've swallowed the sun and its beaming out of me.  Fleeting, but it reassures me that I can feel happiness, I'm not beyond that entirely, even if what is making me happy is not tangible. But the negative side is that it really brings out some OCD thought processes.  Jury's still out.
"Your willfullness will kill you."

Definitely took me over a week to publish this. I don't even know why, but you never know who will wander across it and I guess I'm still incredibly self-conscious even online and mostly anonymous.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Couldn't help it, couldn't sleep, couldn't get this Pixies song out of my head. So I made this, fairly ineptly.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Guy Spice

     Whenever I see Richard on the screen doing one of his signature smolders this is immediately what goes through my head, and it works so well with Guy of Gisborne...

Hello ladies.

Look at your man.
Now back to me.

Now back at your man.
Now back to me.

Sadly, he isn’t me. But if he stopped using ladies’ scented body wash and switched to Guy Spice he could smell like he’s me.

Look down. Back up.

Where are you? You’re in a tree with the Guy your guy could smell like.

What’s in your hand?
Back at me. I have it. It’s roses with a dvd of that thing you love.

 Look again. The gifts are now diamonds
! Anything is possible when your man smells like  Guy Spice and not a lady.

I'm on a horse.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Guy of Gisborne and Marian Video

Well, if I'm going to acknowledge and embrace my fascination with Richard Armitage I figured I should go all in. After months of hanging around on RA focused blogs and websites silently, I've started this one. And after watching endless fan-made videos featuring my favorite leading man I made one myself. Now....if I can figure out how to get it on this blog the way I want it. Being new to the blogosphere it's all kind of touch and go. Cheers.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Confession

Yes, I am in fact obsessed with Richard Armitage and have hidden it from everyone except my mother. She would have been in the dark as well if she had not been watching North and South with me that fateful night that I became aware of RA's existence. It's odd though because I had seen him in Shakespeare Retold: Macbeth not too long before watching North and South, and did not really notice him. I was too busy paying attention to James McAvoy. Not to discount Mr. McAvoy, but he really doesn't compare to RA.
The day after watching N &S I began watching the BBC's Robin Hood.
I finished the entire series 1, 2, and 3 in a week much to the detriment of finals. Then I began Spooks, then the Impressionists, then Sparkhouse, then Moving On, then Cold Feet, then Between the Sheets and then the Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special. I'm hooked, everyday I have to watch at least a clip of one of his characters. When I get on the computer there are several blogs and websites I check immediately to see if there are any updates. I feel slightly ashamed, no more than slightly, really ashamed that I've become this enthralled by an actor. But its hard not to be enthralled by his acting, there is always so much going on behind his dialogue and facial expressions, every character he inhabits displays some inner turmoil or depth that is intriguing to watch.
So my question is,
and I know there are a lot of people that have experienced this fall to Richard Armitage's amazing acting and charming good looks, does it go away? Not that I don't want to continue to see his work and enjoy it but I'd like to feel less crazy about it. For instance, I have never written a blog, I thought I might a few years ago when I started this one, but I never posted a single thing til now and its about a person I do not know.... so yeah I feel a little bit odd about my reaction to him.

Uh huh, exactly. This is what "Blue Steel" a la Zoolander was meant to look like.